Red Hill

Trail Vault // Australia // Victoria

Arthur’s Seat State Park

Red Hill, Victoria – Australia

Red Hill – #1 Pink Line

Red Hill – #2 Rock Salt

Red Hill – #3 Slippery Gypsy

Red Hill – #4 Wombat

Red Hill – #5 East Link

Red Hill – #6 Pine Climb

Red Hill – #7 High Roller

Red Hill – #8 Pins And Needles

Red Hill – #9 Fall Line

Red Hill – #10 Deadwoods

Red Hill – #11 Crits

Red Hill – #12 Loop Trail

Red Hill – #13 Charlotte’s Pass

Red Hill – #14 Link

Arthur’s Seat State Park is a MTB Area located on Boundary Road in Dromana , Victoria – Australia . Nearby Bike Shop Chain Brain at the bottom of the trail network can help provide you with Energy Gel’s, New Inner Tubes and tyres, right through to bike sales and a bicycle workshop for servicing and repairs in the Red Hill and Mornington Peninsula Area. Red Hill Downhill track is shuttled occasionally in eatons cutting.


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